About Gracie Jewellery


 Hi, my name is Nancy and I was born with a passion for jewellery. Oh my gosh, that is an understatement. I am obsessed with jewellery!

I knew at an early age jewellery would figure prominently in my life.  Around the age of 10, I was given an old book that showcased Queen Elizabeth's jewellery.  I spent many hours studying each picture.  (And yes I still have it!)

My first job was in a fine jewellery store, where I spent as much time as possible watching the goldsmith.  I really wanted to get my hands on that torch!  

 I  began making my own jewellery 10 years ago when I saw a bracelet that  was absolutely gorgeous but way over my budget.  I decided I would make  one.  I sourced the gemstone beads and sterling silver wire, purchased a set of tools and set up my own bench.  This was my destiny!  

I made the bracelet, someone wanted one just like it.  Using leftover beads I made earrings. They sold almost immediately.

Then I discovered hand stamping.  Oh my!  

The art of hand stamping involves striking the silver with a steel stamp,  by hand, to create designs, letters and words. Not all letters will be  stamped at the same depth or nor will they be perfectly straight and  even. This is not a defect in your piece, but makes it even more unique  and one of a kind. An instant heirloom!

 While  I will always love making beaded jewellery, I am addicted to hand  stamping silver to make keepsake jewellery you personalize and keep  close to your heart. Or give as a special gift. 

I now sell my creations  under the Gracie Jewellery brand. I am thrilled that people all over  the world wear my creations.                                                                                                         


I would love to make a special piece of Gracie Jewellery just for you! 

I  promise to treat my customers with the honesty and respect you deserve.  I pride myself on the quality of my jewelry and I want clients to feel  the same pride when wearing the hand crafted pieces from my store. I  hope you will be a part of the Gracie Jewellery family for many years to  come.